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Utah Bigfoot Video

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Utah Bigfoot Video

Utah Bigfoot Video

What you'll see: This video was shot in the summer of 2011 by a couple of guys who said they were out fishing, target shooting and camping somewhere in the mountains of Utah. They scared something from the trees, they said, and captured images of the creature on video.

We can see what looks like a Bigfoot-type creature slowly walking through the trees. It has brown hair, walks slowly, and appears to look directly at the camera at one point. It looks big.

The campers then discover a structure made of branches. (To me, the structure looks man-made and might have nothing to do with the creature.


Pros (what makes it possibly genuine):

  • Its slow, lumbering gait
  • From what we can see, the color and texture of the hair looks genuine
  • Its size and bulk; although we cannot actually tell its size, it looks big.

Cons (what casts doubt):

  • As usual, the creature is too distant and obscured by trees to give us a really good look at the creature to determine whether or not it might be a costume
  • The lack of reaction by the guys taking the video. This is not necessarily an indication of a hoax; they might deliberately have been cool and quiet.

Verdict: Inconclusive.

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