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Idaho Canyon Bigfoot video

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Idaho Canyon Bigfoot

Idaho Canyon Bigfoot


Idaho Canyon Bigfoot video

In this very short video, we see a black figure walking through the trees of a snow-covered canyon. The person who posted the video says it is somewhere in Idaho, but is not specific about the location or date. The clip is shown twice, the second time with motion stabilization, which helps viewing the creature considerably. The poster says only this: "A large shady creature which appears to be a Bigfoot is spotted walking through the trees across a canyon. We never really got a good look, but at first ... we thought [it] was a person walking across the canyon, but after looking at it for a second it looked more and more not human."

We don't see the figure very well, so we can only comment on what we do see. The figure seems to be all black. That could mean a person dressed in all black, or it could be a creature covered in dark hair. From the little we see, it seems to have the swinging arm motion and loping gait of the creature seen in the Patterson-Gimlin film. Then again, it certainly could be a person.

Or a hoax. The person who shot the video must have had awfully good eyesight to see the creature at the initial distance. It is only with the camera's zoom that we can see it is possibly something worth looking at. But we weren't there, so who knows?

Conclusion: Too far, too short, too fuzzy. Goes in the "Somewhat Interesting" file, but far from compelling.

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