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Trail cam: Bigfoot with baby?

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Trail cam: Bigfoot with baby?

This picture comes by way of the Finding Bigfoot team, which was investigating a possible Bigfoot sighting in Vermont. An unidentified man was noticing that something was taking and eating apples from his yard, so he set up a motion-activated trail cam to see what it might be.

One picture seems to show a large, fur-covered animal. The Finding Bigfoot team believes it is a Bigfoot with some kind of skin disease (to account for the patchiness of the fur), and possibly with a baby Bigfoot clinging to its belly.


We can only go by what we see in the picture, and all we can see is what looks like part of a fur- or hair-covered object, possibly an animal, that appears to have patches of fur or hair missing.

If it is an animal, we cannot clearly tell what part of it we're looking at, its position or stance, or how big it is (because we cannot tell how near it is to the camera).

The Finding Bigfoot team suggests that the Bigfoot is in a stooped position, as if looking for something on the ground; the projecting lobe on the left is its head. We can possibly make out an ear.

There appears to be some fur beneath the head, and I assume that's what the team suggests is the head of the baby Bigfoot.

The more I look at the picture, the more I can see what they are suggesting -- except for the baby; I'm having a hard time seeing that.

Bottom-line conclusion: Once again the picture is just too blurry and indistinct to get overly excited about. Investigations of other Bigfoot or Sasquatch sightings have suggested that the creatures do like apples, so that part of it fits the narrative. So, we have to again say, interesting but inconclusive. A more complete view of the creature would give us a better idea of what it is, Bigfoot or not Bigfoot.

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