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History, how-to's and readings of channeled communications with spirits, angels and extraterrestrials.

Clifford and the Doorways to Elsewhere
Blithely entering into such practices as channeling or the Ouija without proper precautions or real understanding can open doors to things we don't expect. Consider this true story from David, whose parents once experimented with channeling and might have opened a door to other realities, dimensions and times.

Ghost Writers
Critically acclaimed books, novels and compositions of classical music... said to be written by ghosts and other spirits. Or are they just strangely gifted people?

Describes the two basic types of channeling -- trance channeling and conscious channeling -- and explains how you can experiment with contacting the spiritual plane.

Channeling and the Presence Phenomenon
This phenomenon may present itself when people come together with a common objective. It seems that their minds fuse, creating a common field in which a presence may manifest.

Chopin Still Composes
Rosemary Brown claimed that Chopin dictated new compositions to her which she played and recorded in the early '70s. Sound clips are provided.

How to Develop Mediumship
Subtitled, "Everything you need to know about mediumship and spirit channeling," this is a 10-part guide to making contact with spirits.

Complete transcriptions of some of the channellings of Kryon from live events around the globe on various topics.

Lightsmith Live Wire Channelings
More than a dozen channelings with "the Creator" through Michele Mayama, full of inspirational messages and portents of coming Earth changes.

The Manteum
This site explains how to build and use a manteum - a little curtained room with a mirror that, they say, can be used to contact departed spirits.

Meeting Your Spirit Guide
This site explains what spirit guides are, who has one, their purpose, how to recognize their presence, and how to contact yours.

Paranormal Voices Assert: Death No End
This is the website of the Woods/Greene collection of direct-voice recordings and that they call "the most complete account of life in the hereafter ever received."

Seth and His Many Offspring
Lots of information on Seth, biographies of the Roberts who channeled him, and exploring the Seth concepts.

Seth's Concept
Excepts from "The Seth Material," Jane Roberts' famous channeling experiences with the mysterious Seth personality.

Zeta Reticuli Revelations
Lyssa Royal channels representatives from Zeta Reticuli, a civilization on a distant planet. Pretty darn weird.

Presidents and the Paranormal: Clinton
President Bill Clinton's connection to the paranormal is First Lady Hillary's mystical sessions with a New Age guru.

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