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All about the mysterious, voracious Chupacabra - or the goat sucker.

Chupacabras: The Blood-Sucking Creature from Hell
Is there a connection among the various small, vicious, flying monsters that have terrorized unsuspecting people around the globe for decades? Here's what they look like and what they've been up to.

On the Trail of the Chupacabras
It attacks in the night, sucking the blood from its helpless victims. Let's follow the bloody trail of the elusive "goat sucker" -- chupacabras -- over the years.

Chupacabra Rampage in Chile
El Chupacabra has been crawling all over Chile in April-June, 2000, raising many new questions about this mysterious creature, and resulting in astonishing claims about its origin.

Chupacabras Sightings
Meaning "goat sucker", chupacabras is the name given to a mysterious creature that walks or hops on two legs, has short forelegs, sometime red eyes, a quill running down its back. It may also have wings and might be able to fly. Sightings seem to have begun in Puerto Rico, other Latin America countries and the U.S. South. Here are some true...

Encounters with Chupacabras
The frightening, ravenous and elusive "goat sucker" has terrorized Puerto Rico, Mexico and Chile for years. And perhaps it has been seen in many parts of the U.S., as these unnerving reports from readers suggest.

The Chupacabra's Laugh
Reports of a small, sharp-fanged creature have been reported since the 1970s, and sightings intensified in the mid-'90s. Millie G. may have had an even earlier encounter with this frightening creature – a terrifying experience that has been burned into her momory. This is Millie's story.

Chupacabras - What do you think of chupacabras sightings?
Readers are asked their opinion of sightings of chupacabras.

Video: Chupacabras en Moreno
From "Misterios Inexplicables" comes this video allegedly of the chupacabras.

Baby Chupacabras Caught by MIB
Was a baby Chupacabras captured in Chile and then taken away by the mysterious men in black?

Includes photos that appear to show a Chupacabras corpse from a South American news report. Looks weird.

Chupacabras: A Cover Up Conspiracy?
Author Cora S. recounts the encounter she had with a strange creature in July, 2008 that she believes might have been a Chupacabras.

Chubee: I Was a Teenage Chupacabra
In this far-out (but fun to read) article, Chubee claims he is half alien Gray, half human and that the government is working with Grays to create an army of super soldiers. They also created the chupacabras.

El Chupacabra
A mix of vampire and marauding, furry lizard, the Chupacabra has become one of the most common beasts studied under the general heading of cryptozoology.

The Goat Sucker: Fact or Legend
Folklore regarding El Chupacabra - a name which means goat sucker - goes back many years. However the modern chupacabra era probably began in 1975 with the arrival in Puerto Rico of the "Moca Vampire."

In Search of Chupacabras
Nick Redfern travels to the island of Puerto Rico with fellow cryptozoologist Jonathan Downes to make a 20-minute segment for Proof Positive on the still-ongoing mystery of the diabolical chupacabras.

The Night of the Chupacabras
Scott Corrales takes a look at the Chupacabras phenomenon, from the early 1990s mystery mutlilation cases to some of the more notable reports up to the year 2000.

Tracking the Goat Sucker
An intrepid Fortean Times correspondent ventures deep into the jungles of Nicaragua in search of the fearsome chupacabra.

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