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Black-Eyed Man in Kansas Walmart



It was 2008 at a Walmart in Kansas where I first encountered a black-eyed man. I was separated from my daughter and mother and just perfume shopping. For some weird reason, I felt strange inside. I stood straight, and as I turned my head from the merchandise I saw a man walk past the aisle. It was how he walked that made me think "how strange." He was tall, good looking, blonde and in a striped shirt. He looked clean-cut. But his walk was kind of stilted or jerky.

In an instant he stopped and walked backward to my aisle after passing it. His head turned oddly, kind of like a robot. He looked completely through me and I felt like he was taking in some kind of knowledge of me, scanning or surveying. His eyes were totally black and unnatural. I felt so frightened and in danger. He turned his head and walked away in that jerky manner. It was his eyes that I'll never forget, and no one will ever convince me he was human. I found my mother and daughter and we left instantly. It was one of the most unnerving experiences of my life.

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