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Good and Evil Entities



When I was younger, I was constantly attacked by "evil entities" at night. They have no physical forms, but they were there in my bedroom. Sometimes there was one, other times there would be two or more. I can't explain it, but I would always be locked in a "battle of wills" against these creatures or whatever they are. I felt like if I yielded or lost, then my soul would be taken to hell or an eternally evil place with no hope of escape.

Then one night, another being came. At that point, I hated and was scared of all entities. This being would constantly stroke my head, hug and cuddle me. The evil entities did not come back when this new good one entered my life. The new entity only remained for a week or so. After this good entity disappeared, I did not experience any paranormal activity for years and completed high school.

I eventually moved to another city to start my university degree. The first few years (2007, 2008) were almost paranormal-free. Then somehow it changed ion 2009. It was like I was suddenly more sensitive. I came into contact with even far more powerful and dark entities. It felt like they were the incarnation of everything that is evil. They were a bottomless pit of black darkness. Like the previous entities, sometimes there would be one, other times there would be multiple entities trying to take my soul. The "battle of wills" I fought with them were harder and far longer than the previous ones.

Then one day I read on the internet how one can protect oneself from evil entities by visioning a white shield of light. I tried this the moment I had an attack again - and it worked! I somehow knew that the entities where pained and did not like this "light", and they eventually disappeared.

The same year I suddenly had a vision. I swear it was not a dream and it felt real. I was in another universe/dimension and I was someone completely different! Humans did not exist in the place I was in. We were a society of non-evil entities. We had no physical forms.

In that different universe/dimension it was my job to protect the weaker entities from the evil ones. The evil entities did not belong in the place I was in and were foreign invaders from another dimension. I had a weapon I constantly carried, it had no shape, but it was made from light and was the embodiment of everlasting love and goodness. The vision stopped when a dark entity was about to attack and I started to charge at it with my weapon.

Another experience in that year was when I was physically asleep. I somehow floated out of my body and felt my flatmate was in trouble. My flatmate has also experienced paranormal activities, but not to my extent. I managed to shield her from an attack by envisioning a shield around her. The entity then went for me instead. For some reason, everything blacked out and the next thing I knew, I woke up. I felt it was not a dream at all. The next morning, I asked her if she experienced anything that night and she answered she felt that something was about to attack her but it never came!

Another strange event for me occurred this year (early June, 2011). Once again I was locked in a battle of wills with a evil entity. This entity was even more evil and larger than any other previous entites I have ever experienced. Envisioning a shield did not repel this entity at all then when I started to despair... the weapon that I welded in my 2009 vision in the other dimension suddenly appeared on my right side! I maneuvered it with my mind and attacked the entity with it. I knew it did not like the weapon at all. It moved around trying to avoid the weapon and it was annoyed when I did manage to hit it. Eventually it left.

I've noticed a pattern with these evil entity attacks: the stronger I become at repelling the evil entities, more evil and sinister ones seem to take their place! The attacks used to take place at night, but the more recent ones I have encountered (2009 onward) have also happened during daybreak and well into the morning.

When these attacks happen, I am usually paralysed, but I can sense the entities are there. They want to take my soul. It feels like there is a shift of my consciousness when the attacks occur -- I'm no longer in the physical world, but in the non-physical space of where the physical world is. For example, when I am attacked in my bedroom, I find myself still in the bedroom, but it is where everything exists in its essence.

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