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The Demon Babyface



Three years ago, I wrote a book about a ghost. I scrapped it soon after. Here's why:

A week after I finished -- six days, to be exact -- the noises started. I make a meager living, so my apartment is small, but the noises always seemed to be in the room I wasn't in.

One day I decided to try and catch whatever it was, as I thought I had rats or something, but every time I ran into the room, I found nothing. Now this may sound cliche, but it's true.

One night I was sleeping alone in my bed and was awakened by a scuffling noise. Now here's were it gets scary. I opened my eyes and saw a guy scuffling around on my floor on all fours! To this day I get chills from the image. It was unatural, like he had no bones.

Now I'm not a guy who get's paralysed when I'm scared, but I freaked out. I screamed and immeaditaly regretted it when it looked at me. Its face was like a child's face on a man's body. I am ashamed to say I pulled my covers over my head like a pathetic child, but when I removed them... it was gone.

The next day, I promptly called a man (I won't give his name) who was supposedly an expert in this. He told me that despite my theory (I thought it was a poltergeist) that it was not a ghost at all. It was, in fact -- and this part chills me -- a demon. He said it fit the description of a demon he referred to as "Babyface."

I moved out a week and a half later and haven't been bothered since, but I still remeber it every time I hear an unidentified noise.

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