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Necronomicon Madness



The first time I ran into the Necronomicon was back in 1977 or so. I originally was trying to purchase an H.R. Giger art book of the same name. What I received was a small book, not the art portfolio I'd expected. I went back home to my bedroom in Springfield, Tennesee and began to read.

Being a teen, I blah-blahed the whole premise, though a part of me was intrigued. Gradually, I began to feel, well... watched and followed at all times.

Years later, I realized that these types of things are actually doors. At first, I started into what I called "conciousness expansionism", since the research into man's complete understanding of perception was really just at its cusp.

Then the book just disappeared one day. I had it stashed in my closet way back on the shelf. After it was gone, I started getting really weird vibes from the closet. My girlfriend kept telling me there was a dark man with an overcoat, a wide brim hat, and fiery eyes coming out of there.

So we held a candlelight seance. As soon as we started, the candle blew out and the door just slowly gaped open. In my spirit, I was getting a weird flickering light, and a sudden omnipresence of coldly evil chills that both of us felt. And we both felt something really bad was gonna come out of the closet.

I told her to recite The Lord's Prayer while I started Psalm 23. I had got to "I will fear no evil" when she got to "deliver us from evil." We recited those two phrases -- "I will fear no evil" and "deliver us from evil," getting louder each time we said it until we seemed to be screaming it as if we were in a gail. The pressure of the outside influence seemed to grow more intense. In the darkness, I could actually see her face; her eyes seemed to eat up her face with fear, while I seemed to be screaming through clinched teeth.

Then the dark seem to lessen and finally ceased. I got up and shut the closet door, as whispers seemed to fade off into an unknown distance.

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