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Black-Eyed Reluctant Driver



I was working at the rest area north of Phoenix, Arizona. Near the parked cars was a person talking to himself (this was before there were cellular phones).

I walked up to him and he said he could not drive on any highway with the number 10 on it, and he had to go in the direction of Interstate 10 in Arizona.

This was in the middle of the afternoon on a bright and sunny day. His eyes were coal black with no whites in them. And his face looked almost dead in appearance. I was thinking, Was this a fallen angel in human form? I never had seen anyone like that before.

He wanted me to drive him to Interstate 10 and would pay me money. I told my boss about this person in the parking lot, and he said that he was crazy. Anyway, I walked away from it all, and eventually he got into his car and drove away.

I once was talking to a person in his early 20s, and right in front of me while the sun was going down, his face disappeared and it was like looking at an astronaut helmet and his face was inside the helmet. This person had nothing but black clouds swirling around inside of his head -- with no face.

I just laughed because it was an ironic situation. There was the sun going down in the clouds and the skies were very colorful and scenic, and here I am looking inside a person's head with black swirling clouds in it.

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