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Cruise Ship Evil Spirit



I remember it was March 20, 2012 when I was on a cruise to the Caribbean. That night I couldn't sleep. I felt goose-bumps and sort of like an electrical feeling all over, and also I felt as if I was being watched. My wife was sleeping deep and was not aware of my tossing and turning and restlessness.

I finally got some sleep when I awoke and saw a skeletal arm embracing me tightly. I was struggling to pull myself off from that thing. It was too strong, holding me, but I finally pried myself from its embrace and got up from my bed. The creepy feeling over me was overwhelming.

I got up and knelt to pray, rebuking the evil presence in the name of Jesus Christ. My wife was still in deep sleep. She didn't feel the moving of our king-size bed. I prayed hard, rebuking the presence in Christ's name until half an hour later the chilly feeling and goose bumps went away.

The oppressive feeling in the room was lifted and I finally felt a powerful peace and power from above of which I got up from my kneeling position to go to sleep and I finally got to sleep fitfully and fully and happy. I continued to have fun the rest of the days and nights with no haunting feelings.

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