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Possessed Dog



My dog appeared to have seen and was later possibly attacked by a ghost or spirit of some kind. This happened in Wichita, Kansas in the winter of 1997. At the time I was 18 years of age.

My family rented a house from the church we belonged to. My room was set up in the partially finished basement, which I thought was pretty cool -- almost like having my own place.

My father was an incredibly pious man and was just a bit arrogant about it. I always had a suspicion that had something to do with the activity in our house. Anyway, I had a couple of friends over that night, and we were in my room downstairs playing video games and joking around. We were accompanied by my Irish setter, Bubba.

The night proceeded normally until the dog became suddenly agitated. Bubba got up and began to growl at my friend, who was seated on a couch with his back against a concrete wall. The dog was sitting directly in front of my friend when the growling began, then he started to bark frantically like I'd never heard him do before.

It quickly became apparent that the dog was trying to look around my friend while he barked. My friend got a bit freaked out and got up from the couch. The dog stayed right there and continued barking at the wall. My friends and I were trying to figure out what he was barking at, and we saw nothing at all, but the dog was definitely seeing something and he seemed terrified.

After a while, he calmed down and we thought maybe he should go outside for a bit. I took him upstairs and outside, then returned to my room. Shortly afterward, we heard a loud thump followed by some commotion upstairs. I discovered the thump was Bubba hitting the patio door. The dog was shaking and nearly catatonic. His eyes were rolled back in his head and I was terrified that he was going to die.

My dad claimed to have seen something shadowy move over by the door just before the thump. Eventually the dog recovered after a few days, and it never happened again.

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