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Deadly Dog Driver



An older cousin of mine lived off the reservation after graduation in 1964. In May, 2010 he called me as he was told I am an interpreter in our sweat lodge prayer times. He stated that as a computer repair person in Las Cruces New Mexico, he had to reprogram or repair computers for two school districts in this city.

One day in May, he was on his way to work when he encountered something so unbelievable that he didn't know if he was just seeing things or if it was real. On the freeway this day, it was not bumper-to-bumper car traffic, so he was enjoying the trip when a pick-up cruised past him, which was not out of the ordinary, but it was the driver who threw him for a loop.

It was a black dog driving! He knew it was not anyone wearing a costume as it looked like any ordinary dog. After the pick-up passed him, it slowed down and turned right on the ramp and he thought that it was going to be the last time he was going to see this dog driving.

Wrong! About three miles down the freeway on the other side, this same pick-up was going the other way with the same dog at the wheel. Matt (my cousin) immediately called my brother-in-law Charlie here on the reservation, and my brother-in-law gave him my phone number, so he called immediately.

That day, we happened to be going into a sweat lodge prayer time, and I prayed at my cousin's request. He was told to stay home for four days, smudge himself, make 50 red tobacco ties for protection and, if possible, get to a sweat lodge prayer time. Unfortunately, those who run these sweat lodges in these big cities demand payment of upwards of $300, so he just did as he was told and stayed home.

The spirits told me to relay the message that there are creatures not from this world that have come into this dimension because of the misuse of our sacred ceremonies and making money off of it. Matt then got really sick, and in September three years later, he died.

Since then, others have come to me for help requesting protection from these entities, as they tell me I am perhaps the only honest interpreter they know. I do my best to help them. I am asking all readers to pray to the God you understand to help all those who encounter these creatures as they end result is death.

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