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Levitating Friend



I had been with my best girlfriend all afternoon, and we had decided to go for a drive. We went up in the mountains, just outside of Tetonia, Idaho, and drank a few beers and talked about some of the things that had been going on. It was peaceful. We drove back to her house, and had a few more beers. Yes, I was pretty buzzed when I went to leave.

I got so cold all of a sudden, and I was about five feet from the door to my car. I was struck so hard in the lower back that I was knocked to the ground! I thought for sure I had been hit by a car. It was all so sudden and unexpected, I was disoriented. I still was so cold, and then my mind started telling me that something was just not right.

When I got up, I looked for the car, or something, or someone... but there was nothing. I instantly felt something familiar, and remembered an occasion where my mother had totally lost her mind and made cardboard crosses, hung them all over our apartment, spread sea salt all over the apartment. Her psychic had told her I was going to bring evil home with me (I was 15).

Needless to say, there was a paranormal experience that occurred that night. I was lying next to my friend Kelly in a sleeping bag on the floor. I remembered getting so cold I could see my breath in the house. I looked over at Kelly and her sleeping bag was hanging down underneath her. It was like she was floating. I started screaming for my mom, and when she came to the door and turned on the light, it was like a black cloud came out of Kelly, and went from corner to corner in the room. It went toward the door and out under the bottom of the door.

Kelly was back on the floor, and had no idea anything had happened. My mother actually grabbed me and started slapping me because of what we had seen. I was so relived that she had seen it, too. she could have beat me half to death and I would have still been glad. I guess where I am going with my story at that point is that there were two times in my life I was so terrified, and they were very similar.

I could not get into my car quick enough, and get home to the safety of my family. Of course, everyone thought I was nothing short of insane, but I know what I felt, and it was real. This was just night before last.

The other incident happened in Provo, Utah in 1982. I guess in thinking, there have been other incidents recently as well, but none as abrupt as the last. I actually have severe pain in the place where I was hit in my back. All I can figure is that I got caught off guard, and there was an opening for whatever attacked me. I do know that I have just wanted to stay in my home, and not take any chances of this happening again.

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