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Succubus Encounter



It was December, 2012 in Bakersfield, California, where I still live. This happened recently and I have just had another episode as I am typing this. This is my true story of a demonic encounter.

It was a school day. I had been so worn out from school that day and was so tired, I had to stay up all day and do homework. I finally got to sleep. It was quite a weird position. I was lying on back with my head in the corner of my wall, lying diagonal on my bed.

I fell asleep in instantly. I was having a dream that an evil being was in my house trying to get in my room. It did. I suddenly woke up, ringing in my ears. The demon was on the the wall behind me, holding my arms down and somehow my legs. It had something in my ears, and my left ear started vibrating rapidly. It sounded like one of those spinning fireworks that one throws on the ground, then my right ear.

I was trying, trying so hard to fight it. Cursing at the being, trying to free my arms. It laughed the most evil laugh, it wasn't a deep voice nor high-pitched; it was the most horrific laugh I have ever heard.

It specifically said, "Soon!" ... and released me. I instantly sat up, slid off my bed, and turned on the light. There was nothing in my room, that I could see. My dogs were going crazy. They were out back, jumping on the windows, the double doors we had, and the single door.

I went to the bathroom, my eyes, they were bloodshot, more red then I have ever seen them. Blood red, not just the veins but the entire white part, were blood red. I knew then I had encountered a succubus.

It's been a week since that encounter and I am terrified every time I think about it. I still sleep in the same room, the same bed, waiting for the succubus to come and arouse me again and again until I put a stop to it.

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