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Unexplained Green Light



On the night of Tuesday, October 6, 2009, my husband and I went to bed at our usual time of approximately 11:30 p.m. We were talking about the day's events for a few minutes and then we were quiet.

Just a few moments after we stopped talking (less than a minute), I saw a green floating object slowly move from the right side of our king size bed midsection area to the left. It seemed to be only about an arm's length above us. There were no lights in the room and no lights were coming from windows, as blinds from one window were totally closed and the window in back of our bed is totally blocked out by the large wooden headboard of the bed. Besides, had it been a light, it would surely have been seen on a wall or a solid piece of furniture and not just suspended in mid-air.

The lime-green object glowed brightly and seemed to slightly pulsate. It was roughly a rectangular shape of about 16 inches long by about 8 inches wide and had a certain almost rounded thickness to it of maybe a few inches or possibly even a bit more. I asked my husband if his eyes were open and he said, "Yes, I see it too...." We both agreed that it was something very unusual and something that could not be explained.

The object vanished when it crossed the width of our bed midsection, which took only about 10 seconds of time. We thought perhaps we would see it again on either that night or another, but we did not. However, we wonder if perhaps it is there when we are asleep. This incident took place in Houma, Louisiana.

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