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What's the difference between spooklights and orbs?


Question: What's the difference between spooklights and orbs?
"What is the difference between spooklights and orbs?" asks Laine. "I would really like to know since orbs have taken such a hit and gotten a bad name recently, yet spook lights are a real thing?"
Answer: Spooklights and orbs are considered to be two different types of phenomena. Generally speaking, spooklights can be seen with the naked eye as well as photographed and filmed; orbs show up in photographs and on film and videotape, but are not usually seen with the naked eye.

Spooklights, also referred to as ghost lights or earth lights, are definitely real: they have been seen for many hundreds of years and photographed many times -- usually from a great distance. Their cause is still an unknown. Theories include: reflected light (from car headlights, etc.), mirages, geoelectric forces, methane gas, ball lightning and, as some spooky legends would have it, the lanterns carried by ghosts.

It's unlikely that spooklights have anything to do with ghost or haunting phenomena, and probably have a scientific explanation that has not yet been verified. There could be multiple explantions for the various spooklights seen around the world, such as those mentioned above; one explanation probably does not fit all cases. One might be a mirage caused by atmospheric conditions, another might be caused by what's known as the piezoelectric force from tectonic strain (shifting earth compressing minerals such as quartz, producing electricity), and yet another source might be high-power lines. So far there is no definitive answer, and so they remain a mystery.

Orbs, as captured in photographs, are another matter entirely. Most paranormal researchers agree that these orbs are nothing more than dust, insects, pollen and other airborne particulate matter in close proximity to the camera and caught in the flash at the time the photo is snapped. Experiments have shown that when you kick up a bit of dust, you'll very likley get a swarm of orbs in your photo.

These orbs are not seen with the naked eye, although they can sometimes be picked up by the night vision feature of some video cameras. Same explanation: dust, spider silk, tiny insects, etc.

Some people claim to be able to see floating and flying orbs with their naked eye. I suspect that what they are seeing also are insects and other floating matter caught in the light. In some rare cases, they might be seeing other phenomena, such as ball lightning or other natural phenomena.

Orbs remain controversial, however, with some researchers not so quick to dismiss them all as dust and bugs. They think that in some cases the orbs could represent a spirit presence. So although I do not agree with that assessment, I am certainly willing to consider any case researchers believe are compelling for this idea, and to examine the evidence. We should always keep an open mind.

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