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Uintah Basin, Utah


Bigelow Ranch gate

Bigelow Ranch gate

Alien Dave / The Utah UFO Hunters

This 480-acre cattle ranch in central Utah -- also known as Skinwalker Ranch -- was so plagued by UFOs and other strange phenomena that its one-time owners, Terry and Gwen Sherman, were eager to get rid of it. A willing buyer was found in Las Vegas real estate tycoon Robert T. Bigelow because he was intrigued by the mysterious goings-on. He brought in a team of investigators and set up arrays of surveillance equipment to find out what was taking place. Some have dubbed the ranch "the strangest place on Earth."

Here's just some of what was going on:

  • Unexplained cattle mutilations, and cattle that just disappeared. Ten of the Sherman's cows reportedly vanished.
  • UFOs "the size of football fields." And in 1980, a rancher claimed to have seen a 40-foot silver sphere on the ground of what later became the Sherman ranch.
  • Terry Sherman claimed to have actually seen aliens come out of one UFO. "It was a human type, over seven feet tall, decked out in a totally black uniform and very huge, very heavyset," he reported.
  • Interdimensional portals that were seen to open in mid-air. The Shermans said they saw lights emerging from these doorways.
  • Floating balls of light, one of which might have toasted the family dogs. The Sherman's three dogs vanished after chasing a ball of light. A circular burn mark was found on the ground near where the dogs were last seen.
  • Gwen Sherman was supposedly chased by several red balls of light while driving home one night.

Many of the weird phenomena at the ranch was detailed in the book Hunt for the Skinwalker by Colm Kelleher and George Knapp.

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