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Cannock Chase

Staffordshire Forest, U.K.


Cannock Chase

Cannock Chase

The Guardian

Cannock Chase has played host to some of the strangest events and sightings ever to occur in the British Isles. 2,000 years ago, a Celtic tribe known as the Cornovii (which literally translates as "people of the horn") occupied the area, and ever since then people have reported literally hundreds of UFO, cryptid, and other paranormal sightings from deep within this majestic woodland.

From big cats to werewolves, this tranquil Staffordshire forest is said to have them all, not forgetting of course the internationally infamous yet totally terrifying curly tailed monster known to researchers and enthusiasts as "The Pig-man".

This unique cryptid was first spotted in the 1940s when Cannock Chase was home to two huge military training camps and a German prisoner of War hospital. Over the years, more and more sightings have been reported, placing the Pig-man at the number one spot on many lists of England's weirdest creatures.

Strange events from Cannock Chase:

  • The Penkridge UFO Crash 1964 (also known as the British Roswell)
  • More than 180 "big cat" sightings in just over 5 years
  • Mass UFO sighting (black triangle), 1988
  • One of the only recorded werewolf attacks in England

If you'd like to learn more about Cannock Chase, The Pig-man, and all the other weirdness afoot in this almost magical Staffordshire forest, check out UFOs, Werewolves & The Pig-man: Exposing England's Strangest Location – Cannock Chase by Lee Brickley, available from: Amazon UK and Amazon U.S.

Also see Lee Brickley's blog: Paranormal Cannock Chase

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