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Spooklights: Where to Find Them


They appear in the distance with a regularity that seldom disappoints those who come to view them. Glowing in the night with an eerie, soft color, they sometimes pulse, sometimes dance about, usually near the ground or horizon. Their source is a mystery. When the curious try to approach them, they vanish, as if purposely keeping their true nature a secret.

They’re called "spooklights" or "ghost lights" and they have baffled observers for centuries. Many theories have been offered to explain their presence, including hallucinations, UFOs, automobile headlights (either direct or reflected), ball lightning, electrical discharges caused by tectonic forces, swamp gas – and even, as the name implies, ghosts.

Continuously appearing spooklights are found around the world. Here is a roundup of several of the most well-known spooklights. Perhaps there is one near you.

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Big Thicket LightBig Thicket LightBrown Mountain LightsBrown Mountain LightsDovedale LightDovedale LightThe Gurdon LightThe Gurdon Light
The Hebron LightThe Hebron LightHessdalen Valley LightsHessdalen Valley LightsThe Hornet SpooklightThe Hornet SpooklightThe Longdendale LightsThe Longdendale Lights
The Maco LightThe Maco LightThe Marfa LightsThe Marfa LightsThe Min Min LightThe Min Min LightOntario Ghost RoadOntario Ghost Road
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