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Easter Island

The history and mysteries of remote Easter Island and its giant enigmatic heads.

Easter Island Home Page
Explores the many mysteries of the enigmatic and isolated island of Rapa Nui. Lots to see here.

Easter Island Virtual Tour
This is an absolutely beautiful site that takes you around the entire island, with great photos and text by Cliff Wassmann.

The Lost History of Easter Island
Known in ancient times as Te Pito o te Henua (the Navel of the World), the island is most well known for its massive statues recognized throughout the world. But a plethora of other enigmas have intrigued researchers as well.

The Mystery of Easter Island
Where had the Islanders originally come from? Why and how had they built the figures? Modern science is piecing together the story, but it is far too late for the Easter Islanders themselves.

The Other Mystery of Easter Island
Easter Island is popular as the home of the mysterious moai statues, but these are not the only curiosity of the South Pacific island. The island's lost language of Rongorongo is equally perplexing.

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