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Your Predictions for 2011


Updated January 09, 2011

Readers share their predictions for the major events that will occur in 2011.

ONCE AGAIN YOU have come through with interesting predictions for this new year. Of course there are the expected predictions reflecting our fears - violent weather, earthquakes, war - and our hopes - cures for cancer, UFO disclosure - but there are also some unexpected forecasts.

As you'll see, most of the predictions focus on the worst of what's going to happen, with many predictions about the economy and worldwide conflicts. (I also had to add a category called "Transitions" to cover deaths and other such changes since they don't fit neatly into any of the other categories.)

We can only wait and see if these things come to pass, but here are your predictions for 2011.



  • Ford [Motor Company] will have record sales year and G.M. starts to make a comeback.
  • Clean energy becomes more available when a millionaire puts his money where his mouth is and starts a business making affordable solar panels.


  • No terrorist attacks on US soil.


  • Iranian government collapses. Elections held leading to victory for progressive pro-Western party.


  • World economic problem solved by July, 2011. World to leave the American dollar standard by June, 2011.


  • China creates drastic changes to minimize pollution with strict fines to those who disobey in March.
  • The Pope will modernize policies even further.


  • The West Coast of the U.S. will remain disaster-free in 2011.

Jo Nadj:

  • Korea will flex its nuclear muscle, but this situation will not escalate - too much at risk. Change of Korean leader will bring more harmony and peace, more rational leadership.



  • A new disease causes pigs to run rampant in the U.K., not unlike mad cow, but more violent.


  • Violent weather patterns will continue, pushing up food prices and inflation to 25-35%. This will force the banking system to put up interest rates to double figures with dire consequences.


  • Sometime in 2011 there's going to be a huge impact on a body in our solar system. I think it's going too close, like the Moon or Mars. It's been well overdue.


  • The worst is that employment will be flat for most of the year with no new jobs being added, but will get bad by the end of the year.
  • Blockbuster will announce mid-year that most of their stores will close with just a handful remaining open.
  • K-mart will follow soon after, but Target will expand to fill the gap.
  • Fiat and Chrysler begin to show signs of a trouble by the end of the year.
  • On the world front, serious problems with N. Korea when China gets involved... and sides with the N. Koreans.


  • North Korea will be blamed for sinking of a merchant ship not far from Japan.
  • U.S. unemployment will go down this winter, but rise to record levels by July, 2011.
  • Violence will rock Europe as their nations' economies go down, causing high unemployment. Germany will send troops to a neighbor nation to stem the spread of violence.
  • Europe will be the site of the worst terrorist attack since America's 9-11. A major tourist area will be attacked.
  • Newly elected governor will face indictment for crime committed before sworn in to office.

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