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The Consciousness of the World

How you can keep an eye on what the world is "feeling"


GCP Basket Observer

The Global Consciousness Project's "basket observer." The mind of the world?

~ Global Consciousness Project
MYSTICS, SEERS AND PSYCHICS have been telling us for a long time now that we are all connected. The consciousness of all people connect and interact with each other in a very real way on a fundamental level. Some believe this applies not just to people, but to all living things – perhaps even to inanimate objects. For just as long, most scientists have dismissed this notion as fantasy, wishful thinking or outright kookiness.

Yet people throughout the ages and around the world have experienced this psychic connection. We’ve all heard the stories:

  • Identical twins who can sense when each other is in trouble or injured, even to the point of physically feeling the other’s pain. Similar connections have been documented between parent and child, husband and wife, even close friends.
  • A person awakes from a disturbing dream of a specific calamity that minutes later plays out in real life on the television news.
  • A mysterious but audible voice tells a commuter to take a different train than she always takes. It is advice that saves her from injury or death in a train accident.
  • A dog, separated from its owners while on a trip, somehow finds its way across hundreds of miles to again find his family.

The list of such things could go on and on, and they seem not to be bound by distance or time. And whether the skeptics accept them or not, they happen all the time. These events and other everyday miracles are evidence that we are all connected and, in turn, connected to a greater consciousness that at present is beyond our understanding.

The skeptics can dismiss them as coincidences, luck (whatever that means), or misinterpreted experiences. But those who have experienced these wonders know differently. They know there is something greater to this existence than the clinical studies of many scientific labs can explain.

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