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What To Do with Your Premonitions

How to handle your visions of future events, great or small


In the weeks following the terrible events of September 11, 2001, I received dozens of e-mails from people who claimed to have had premonitions of the attacks days or even weeks before that fateful day. (See the article, "Visions of the 9/11 Attack.")

I'm not about to discount or dismiss those claims, but neither can I verify them. I have only the word of the authors that their claims of these premonitions are true. And therein lies the problem with the vast majority of alleged premonitions - they are not documented. Anyone can say they've had a premonition about a train wreck, World Series outcome or some other event after the fact. What makes them worthy of serious consideration is proof that you indeed had the premonition well before the event.


Most of us have experienced premonitions - a feeling about something that is going to happen - to one degree or another. The phone rings and you "know" who it is calling, even though the call was unexpected. Sometimes the premonition isn't as specific, but just as strong - or stronger: a great, unexplained feeling of sadness has been bothering you all day; it is only later that you learn that a close relative has died. A premonition is foretelling the future.

There are many such instances that we experience now and then, and sometimes (skeptics would say always) they can be attributed to mere coincidence. (Others say there's no such thing as coincidence, but that's another topic.) There are times, however, when a premonition is so strong that the experiencer has little doubt that it is going to happen. These powerful premonitions are much rarer, but happen often enough that serious researchers know they are real. Some people seem to be more sensitive to these types of feelings; we call them "sensitives" or "psychics."

These feelings are also most powerful between close relatives, where the psychic bond seems to be strongest. And if this talk of "psychic bonds" irks you as sounding like New Age gobbledygook, consider that even many mainstream scientists - quantum physicists and psychiatrists alike - understand more and more that all human consciousness is connected.

Premonitions can be as subtle as a gnawing feeling or can be so overwhelming that they jolt you out of your everyday routine and prevent you from thinking of little else. They can be vague, nothing more than a feeling, or they can be so vivid that some experiencers say it is like watching a film. Premonitions can foretell something that happens a minute later... or weeks or even many months later. They can come while you're doing the dishes or they can come in dreams.

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