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What To Do with Your Premonitions



If you are prone to premonitions that very often come true, or you've had a strong premonition about some future event, you must document it. If you care about being believed, an undocumented premonition is virtually worthless.

You're probably not going to want to document every little premonition you have. In fact, it may not be possible to document some of them: for example, that phone call that comes just two minutes after your premonition.

Let's say, however, you've had a fairly strong premonition, or a vivid dream, about your sister Mary. Although you haven't talked to her in a while, you've had a premonition that Mary is about to experience a major life change - somehow you just know she's pregnant. This is just one example, of course; the premonition could be of anything - a plane crash, an accident involving a relative or a natural disaster.

So how do you document your premonition? There are several ways:

Keep a diary. Get a journal and write down any premonitions you might have. Be sure to note the time and date that you experienced it. The weakness in this method, as far as verification by others is concerned, is that such diaries can be altered and faked - putting down a pre-dated notation for an event that's already happened. The value of a diary, assuming you are being honest, is that you have a personal record of your premonitions, the success rate of which you can track.

Tell others. Don't keep your premonitions a secret. You won't want to become an annoying bore by haranguing your friends with every little premonition you have, but if you think it may be something important, tell someone you trust. It's another piece of evidence. Using the example above, you'd certainly want to surprise your sister Mary with your premonition about her pregnancy before she has a chance to tell you! The weakness in this method is that it, too, relies on human honesty and sometimes faulty memories. Using e-mail might be better. Although e-mails can be altered, they are initially date-stamped.

Use a date-stamped location. The best way to document your premonition is in a date-stamped location that is not in your control. And we now provides an easy (and free) way to do this. In our Paranormal Phenomena Premonitions Database you can register in real time any precognitive visions, feelings or dreams. A simple form on this page asks for some basic information, then provides a space where you can write your premonition. (If you've already written out in a word processor, you can cut and paste into the form.) Your premonition is recorded and date-stamped. And later, if you believe your premonition has been fulfilled, tell us about it and we'll promote your psychic success.

These methods provide very convincing and compelling evidence for the date of your premonition.


Regardless of the methods you use, be thorough in the description of your premonition, including as many specifics as you can recall. It's sometimes difficult to describe feelings, but do your best. Describe locations, people, names, landmarks, shapes, colors, smells, temperatures and emotions that you sensed. Guard against padding your descriptions with things you didn't really sense. You want to be as accurate and honest as possible.

If you believe your premonition has been fulfilled, be as honest about that as well. It may not be 100 percent accurate, but there should be enough correct detail to verify your premonition. This is where your detailed report comes in. If you just say, "I sense a train wreck somewhere in the eastern U.S...." your credibility goes way down because, unfortunately, virtually every week there's a train wreck somewhere in the eastern U.S. The more likely an event is to happen, the less seriously your vague premonition will be taken.

Don't let your premonitions slip by. The more verifiable evidence we have for this phenomenon, the closer we will come to understanding it. As always, I'm eager to hear of any premonitions you might have and any successes you have recorded.

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