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Telepathic Connection



This happened in South Texas some time around 2000. I was attending high school (my senior year). I had met a girl, and at first we didn't get along, but then we discovered that we had something in common... we could both see things that no one else could.

We started sitting together in class to talk all class period. I was picked on a lot because I wore black clothing (this was before Hot Topic came to my town). She was the only one who was "brave" enough to hang out with me. One day, near the end of the period, she turned to me and asked if I could see anything strange because she was getting a weird feeling. I shook my head and continued doing whatever I was doing. She turned around one more time and asked me if I could read her future. I kind of laughed at the request because although I could sense things and events, I always pictured psychics as those people on late night TV taking calls in a foreign accent.

I concentrated really hard, trying not to disappoint her, but I was coming up empty. I told her I wasn't getting anything and she went on talking about other things. At this point I began to feel strange, like someone was watching me. I slightly turned my head to the chalkboard. She distracted me by saying she felt a chill. But there on the chalkboard, clear as day, were the images of two young boys. It looked as though the boys were being projected through the chalkboard. I didn't think of them as "ghosts," but as something strange. One boy seemed older than the other and they were holding hands. They were watching me.

My friend turned to me with a weird expression. "You saw them?" Her eyes were wide and she was on the borderline of freaking out. I tried to get her to calm down because we were in class and I was "strange" enough as it was. She told me that she sensed they were my sons.

I had my first son a few months ago, even though I desired a girl. Even when I had my first sonogram (at 7 weeks) I sensed it was a boy. If my friend is correct and those two children were my sons, that means they came back to see me from the future. Maybe we will have that kind of technology soon. Only time will tell, but I just found it odd how we both saw those children and we both sensed they were not "ghosts".

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