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Little Green Trolls



I was about eight or nine years old. My twin brother and I shared our bedroom, two seperate twins beds. On a few nights we would both be awakened to five or six green glowing men, what I can only decribe as trolls.

They where on top of our tall dreeser across the room. They were maybe four or five inches tall. They were walking on top of the dresser with tools in their hands: hammers, etc. Crude looking hammers. Their clothing also crude and dishelvled.

They would walk back and forth as though they were doing work with their equipment, not caring that my brother and I were both lying there staring at them in amazement. They would make gruff noise and continued to work on top of the dresser.

This would happen for, I quess, a minute or so until they would one by one walk away in a line -- not through the wall, but they would just dissapear before they actually came in contact with the wall.

This happened over 30 years ago. I actually forgot about it until I happened to mention it to my wife. She obviously didn't believe me, so I asked my twin brother if he remembers strange things that would happen in our old bedroom when we were little. He without hesitation said to me, "You mean those little green suckers that would make all that noise at night? Yeah, I remember that!"

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