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The Fairy's Promise


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When I was little, I used to feel weirdly connected to fairies. I always felt the need to leave things out for them and build fairy houses. I lived in Kennesaw, Georgia at the time.

On February 14, 2001, when I was almost seven years old, I was stuck inside with a cold. I could not go outside, nor could I go to sleep because of an awful headache and cough. My bed was right by a clear window that overlooked the woods. I was in bed, just feeling terrible, and suddenly a calming, happy feeling came over me. My headache was gone and my cough just stopped. I turned over in bed and looked at the window.

I saw a small ball of purplish light in the woods. Oddly enough, I was not scared. I saw the ball of light moving toward my window. Since I did not feel sick anymore, I stood up and looked out my window. I saw what I thought to be a fairy with lavender skin and an almost human face. The creature had brown eyes with no pupil or whites, just brown. They somehow looked friendly,though.

The creature had a teeny pointed nose and tiny feet. It couldn't have been more than six or seven inches tall. The creature moved its hands in a way that I somehow understood. It was drawing me outside.

I quickly put on my shoes and grabbed a jacket. I ran to the window (my room was in the basement) and saw the delicate little creature standing on the windowsill. All I remember after that was a tiny voice saying, "Be good to us and we shall reward you." Then, my headache and cough came back and my mom came outside, telling me to come in.

Since then, I have seen no fairies, but have always leave things out for them. My yard has always looked great and I am very happy with my life. I have also taken more care of nature. I still feel like something is watching me when I go into the woods, but it is a good feeling. I will never forget that February 14th.

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