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EVP, The Next Level: Getting Proof



Can you briefly describe your 4Cell experiment?

Members of the AA-EVP represent a most unusual resource for science, in that many are very successful in recording EVP, and at the same time, willing to participate in organized experiments. Wanting to explore a way to use an experimental protocol, rather than something representing a hardware or phenomena analysis solution, we organized the 4Cell EVP Demonstration as an ongoing series of experiments to be conducted by many different four-person groups.

Here is the 4Cell EVP Demonstration protocol:

  1. A Requester thinks of a request to be given to cooperating nonphysical communicators (spirits). The request should be specifically of interest to the Requester and can be directed at a research question, such as, “What happens after the moment of physical death?” or a fact-finding question, such as, “Where is so-and-so’s body?” The Requester tells the Sender the request but not the answer or expected response.

  2. A Sender is given the request and then conveys it to his or her communicators on the other side, asking that they send the requested information to the Receiver. The Sender then notifies the Receiver that a request has been “sent,” but does not tell the Receiver what the request is.

  3. A Receiver conducts an EVP session asking to record the response to the request. Since the energy required for trans-etheric communication is thought to be limited in the group, the Receiver should be the only one conducting an EVP session for any particular cycle, and should only know that a request has been made. If the Receiver finds EVP in the resulting recording, the messages are sent to the Scribe.

  4. A Scribe accepts the EVP, if any, from the Receiver and makes a first determination as to what is said in the utterance, if possible. The Scribe then asks the Requester for the request and posts the two on a private email sharing group so that the other three members of the Cell are able to listen to the EVP and determine which might be a fit for the request. The results of this collaboration, along with a standardized report of the proceedings, are then posted on the Idea Exchange for peer review.

Other members of the AA-EVP are then asked to consider the offered EVP, if any, by functioning as a listening panel.

What results have you gotten from the 4Cell experiment?

The 4Cell experiments began showing us some very important results right away. For instance:

  • It is predicted in metaphysics that conceptual information, such as the feeling of love, should be more easily communicated across the veil than is concrete information, such as a street address. We seem to have some evidence confirming this. For instance, the question, “What is the name of so and so’s favorite restaurant?” The expected answer was the concrete name, “The waterfront.” The answer received was, “Has a view of the bay,” which is what the actual name could mean to people.

  • Some groups did better as they continued to work together, but others seemed to have more trouble if they had members with a lot of doubt about the experiments or if they were not getting along well. This needs much more study, but does seem to support the notion that it is possible to develop the energy necessary for etheric to physical influences by cultivating rapport amongst the participants. This is the “contact field” concept. It is also apparent that the Receiver should have a history of previous success in recording for EVP.

  • Very specific information that is not known to the receiver can be recorded. For instance, the question, “What are the names of so and so’s teachers in such and such school?” The expected answer was, “Vivian and Rosmund.” The answer recorded was, “Vivian and Rosmund.”

  • Some of the groups have established a team of cooperating entities. In one case, Vicki Talbott’s son, Braden, who is now on the other side, gave her the EVP message, “We are cell mates, Mom.” (This message was not recorded as part of a 4Cell experiment.)

There are other discoveries from the 4Cell EVP Demonstration and, collectively, we are satisfied that the 4Cell protocol is an effective tool that anyone can use for these studies. One of the points we would like the observer to note is that we are not describing experiments, such as the usual psi functioning experiments, in which success is measured in very small differences between the results and chance. In the first place, according to physical science, the voice should not be in the recording. Beyond that, there is no physical reason that the Receiver can be expected to know what the question is, and of course, it is not reasonable to think that the Receiver would know the answer to something like a name of a teacher. The odds of the person guessing the question and then the answer must be astounding.

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