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EVP: Do you want to see hell?


I'm writing to you because we need help. We have caught these EVP on a recorder and now we know there is something here attached to, we think, a friend of ours who lives with us. She is my partner. She dabbled in witchcraft without knowing what she was messing with; that is one possibility.

Also, a couple of our friends have sometimes done a Ouija board, and they did protect themselves. But you never know.

Here are the two evps:

Our lives have gotten worse. We all feel drained and have started to have vicious arguments over nothing. The anger is getting worse. We desperately need help or answers. Life is becoming unbearable for us.

-- Natalie, Kirstie, Vee and Dionne

Girls, it's always difficult to give advice about things like this without a personal investigation of all the dynamics involved. Your fighting could be just a natural outcome of four girls living together. If you continue to be concerned, however, I suggest contacting a reputable paranormal research group in your area. They may be able to lend some guidance after speaking with you. Good luck.

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