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Ghost Videos


With the widespread use of video cameras, cell phone video and surveillance video, more and more videos of possible ghosts are surfacing. Here are several for your review.

Attic Appartion

Attic apparition
This is a very interesting video. There definitely seems to be something there... but what? It is a dark, semi-transparent shape that roils around quickly, almost in a cloud-like manner. It is positioned behind some of the wood beams and in front of others, indicating that it is really there -- a figure of some substance.

Bijou Theater Ghost Video

Bijou Theater Ghost

This video, captured by the East Tennessee Paranormal Research Society, was taken in the ladies room of the Bijou Theater in Knoxville, where patrons reported possible paranormal activity. The video shows an anomaly briefly and quickly moving across the bottom of the screen. Is it a ghost, a piece of clothing, a reflection... something else?

Candoey's Ghost Box Sessions

Candoey ghost box
Candoey offers this ghost box sessions, among others he has on his YouTube channel. He asks basic questions and seems to get relevant results.

Car Accident Ghost Video

Car Crash Ghost
In this video, posted by ParanormalCamera, we see what appears to be news footage of the aftermath of a car accident. The introductory text says that it was a fatal accident in which 2 people were injured and 1 person died, and that it took place in central Spain. As the wrecked red car is being towed off the road, we see a transparent figure walking away from the car to the right.

Colonial Park Cemetery Ghost

Colonial Cemetery Ghost
Photo © Jesse Greathouse

Here is an interesting video taken in a Savannah, Georgia cemetery on December 31, 2008. It appears to show a small child, possibly a boy, running in the background. But then it seems like he leaps up into a tree in a rather impossible manner, then drops to the ground and vanishes. Has the camera merely captured a real boy running combined with a strange illusion? Or has it videotaped a real ghost?

Frightened Ghost video

Sarah Reeves ghost video
Sarah Reeves
Ghost hunters Sarah and Steve of Ultimate Paranormal Experience were trying to contact a ghost through various methods on one of their investigations. In this clip, we see a member of the team trying to get a response from the spirit by talking to it while holding dowsing rods.

Ghost of Lady Di video

Lady Di's ghost
A tourist exploring and videotaping a church in Glasgow, Scotland believes he may have captured the ghostly image of the late Lady Diana high in one of the church's stained glass windows.

Ghost Sits on Couch video

Couch ghost video
McLennan County Paranormal Investigations
This video was recorded at a private residence by McLennan County Paranormal Investigations, and they have this to say about it: "This was captured on last week's investigation. The clients said that they saw a figure sitting on this couch in the past. This video is taken from one of our static cams. It looks like a figure that passes from left to right and then sits down on the end of the couch."

Ghost Materializes at the Stanley Hotel

Flora Stanley ghost picture
Copyright © 2013, Kris Tennant and Rocky Mountain Ghost Explorers
While investigating the famously haunted Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, Colorado, Kris Tennant of the Rocky Mountain Ghost Explorers (RMGE) captured a series of pictures, shown in this video, that they suspect could be the materializing apparition of Flora Stanley.

The Gibson Mansion

The Gibson Mansion
Strange Phenomenon
Episode Two ventures into the Gibson Mansion in Woodland, California. The stately home was built in the early 1800s by William Gibson and stayed in the family until 1960 when the last family member died. The building is now owned by Yolo County as a historical museum and features some original furniture and clothing, around which the haunting is thought to occur. William Gibson reportedly died in the house and people have reported cold spots and uneasy feelings.
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