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EVP from readers


A collection of electronic voice phenomena (EVP) recorded on ghost and haunting investigations.

EVP: "No!"

While the Things That Go Bump MN group was investigating the Palmer House, they picked up the voice of a young boy saying, "No!"

EVP: "How can I see?"

"I was having a reading from [a world-famous psychic, by phone] on January 15, 2011," says Sally, "when this voice came over her talking and said, 'How can I see?' This is very clear."

Very Strange EVP

Jay has sent us a very unusual recording that he suspects might have some EVP voices on it, but it's so weird that it's hard to tell what's going on. He invites you to have a listen and to let him know, through this website, what you can hear.

EVP: She wants him to leave

A new ghosthunter captures an eeries EVP in a small cemetery -- where he apparently wasn't wanted.

EVP: Answering Machine Ghost

"February, 1989 I lived in a haunted house in Brooklyn," says Alan. "This woman called about a roommate situation I advertised. She was canceling an appointment and paused. In that pause is a voice that asks, 'Yes?'. No one was home." Go listen!

EVP: Ohio Spirit Seekers

The Ohio Spirit Seekers caught these anomalous voices during their investigations.

EVP: Do you want to see hell?

These eerie EVP were recorded by four girls in their apartment.

EVP: "Get Out" and "Woooo!"

Kitty was ghosthunting in a cemetery when she got these two EVP. Seems like one of them is TRYING to sound like a ghost!

EVP: "Why? 'Cause there are bullets in it?"

A Memphis ghosthunter takes a newspaper reporter and cameraman to a Civil War battleground. Seems the ghost wasn't sure what that camera was.

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