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Colonial Park Cemetery Ghost

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Colonial Cemetery Ghost

Colonial Cemetery Ghost

Photo © Jesse Greathouse

Colonial Park Cemetery Ghost

What you'll see: This video was shot on December 31, 2008 in Colonial Park Cemetery, Savannah Georgia by 17-year-old Jesse Greathouse. It shows what appears to be a small child running in the distance in the cemetery. He appears gray, either due to the lighting or his clothing. He then appears to leap into a tree, then drop down and vanish. Jesse says he did not manipulate the tape in any way, and a special-effects expert opines that it doesn't look like the video was faked. The video is not of high quality, so it's hard to see exactly what is really happening back there.
When I first viewed the footage, it just looked like a kid running through the cemetery. There is a family there pushing a stroller, so it would be logical that perhaps he was with them. What is interesting, however, is when the boy seems to zip up into the tree in a most peculiar, maybe impossible way. And when he drops to the ground, it looks like he vanishes... like a ghost. But he could be just dropping out of sight. The fuzzy nature of the video and the distance from the subject make it hard to analyze in a qualitative way. The boy could be real, and the jumping could be an illusion. What do you think?

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