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3 Paranormal Apps for Android


Ghost EVP Analyzer app

Ghost EVP Analyzer app

Four King Ace Apps
Smartphones and tablets -- whether they use the iPhone or Android operating systems -- are revolutionizing the way we communicate, shop, travel, do business, and more. There are apps for just about everything.

These apps are even starting to change, enhance, or augment the way we do paranormal investigations. There are several apps available for ghost hunting and that provide paranormal information. Here are three apps for Android devices that I have been able to test.


This device is supposed to detect and analyze "nearby energies," and I assume that includes ghosts. The app has a nice graphical interface, but its actual usefulness is in question. It shows the "energies" as blips on a radar screen and generates random words (sort of like a ghost box) that could have interpreted meaning. But is it really detecting anything? I have my doubts.

Read my full review and view screen shots.


This is the best of the three apps I tested, since it works completely as advertised. It is, essentially, a voice recorder -- and a very good one at that. You can use it as a substitute or additional voice recorder on ghost hunts. It records and saves sound files, and the analysis part of it plays back the recordings in normal mode, half speed and reverse.

Read my full review and view screen shots.


This is the most disappointing app of the three. It offers five functions: EMF Detector, Scanner, EVP Detector, Spirit Board, and Map. Of those five, only the EMF Detector worked well; it actaully seemed to be more sensitive than my K-II meter. But the other four functions are virtually worthless.

Read my full review and view screen shots.


If you have experience with these or any other paranormal-themed apps, tell us about it. Write your reviews here.

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