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Ghosts All Around Us

An interview with ghost hunter and clairvoyant Melba Goodwyn


Ghost Worlds

A who's who of haunts

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ARE THERE REALLY ghosts all around us? Can we communicate with them? Do they talk to our children? Melba Goodwyn believes so. As an experienced parapsychologist, member of the Texarkana Paranormal Investigators and author of Ghost Worlds: A Guide to Poltergeists, Portals, Ecto-Mist & Spirit Behavior, Melba provides her personal insights into ghost and haunting phenomena.

Q: Have you seen a ghost with your own eyes? Can you briefly tell us about that experience?

Melba: Because I am clairvoyant as well as clairaudient, I have seen and do hear ghosts quite often. However, when I do see them it is usually a brief encounter due to the vibrational frequencies involved. As a child they visited with me on a regular basis as invisible playmates and friends; sometimes as full apparitions and at others as wispy ecto-mist in various stages of manifestation. I never felt threatened by these strange encounters, nor was I ever afraid of them. They just were.

Now when I encounter ghosts, it is usually as full-bodied apparitions who appear as real as you and I. I often see loved ones who have passed over, and I see other ghosts as they arrive with clients for a metaphysical counseling session. They stay only long enough to convey a message that is usually offered to comfort my client or to take advantage of the reading as a way to say good-bye, not being allowed that opportunity due to an untimely death.

I believe that we all probably encounter ghosts everyday in our homes, at our workplaces and as we go about our daily activities. However, we fail to recognize them as such due to a lack of understanding of how they manifest and interact with us, or due to fear, or just plain honest denial of what we have seen or heard. They share our space (or do we share theirs?)... either way they simply exist as a finer energy vibration than we are. When we resonate with a ghost – when we vibrate at their frequency or they vibrate ours – contact is made possible and I believe it does happen everyday to everyone on some level.

Q: Are so-called shadow people true ghosts, or something else?

Melba: I believe that what is now referred to as shadow people by the paranormal community and ghost hunters as well are indeed ghosts. Because we – both humans and ghosts – are energized forms, we vibrate at fluctuating frequencies. This vibration determines what colors we see. Ghosts travel at different speeds through vibrational fields of energy to enter our dimension, and this is why they are often seen and photographed as a dark color.

I believe that shadow ghosts are indeed intelligent beings and are attempting to communicate with us. However, it may be that they are not yet aware of their ability to manifest as full apparitions in our realm of existence.

Q: Imaginary friends of children is an interesting topic, and it’s thought that in some cases they might actually be ghosts. Is there any way a parent can tell whether such a friend is indeed imaginary or something from the spirit world?

Melba: This is a fascinating aspect of ghostly visitations. I believe that only on rare occasions would an imaginary friend be the creation of the child. They are real! They do exist, and they do communicate with children, play with them and interact with them on a consistent basis. Without a doubt, this is one of strongest proofs of ghostly contact.

A concerned parent should listen in on their conversations. If they are in direct communication with a ghost, or spirit guide for that matter, they will be relaxed, spontaneous and chattering away happily. It will sound as if there is actually someone else in the room. They will focus their line of sight on a particular part of a room, a chair or anywhere that the ghost may be. They may play games, ask questions and even answer their unseen playmates. It will appear that there is actually someone there, and there will be, albeit invisible to everyone but the child.

On the other hand, if a child appears confused, scared, unhappy or even angry, there could be a cause for concern, and a competent counselor should be consulted. Otherwise, allow them their harmless friendships, which, by the way, they accept without question and usually replace with other real-life friends upon entering school. Having said all this, there is, of course, always an exception to the rule, and I have known people who have developed life-long contacts with their childhood friends that have grown into mature, nurturing relationships.

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