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Ghosts All Around Us


Q: You have a chapter on ghost orbs. Personally, I have a hard time accepting orbs in photographs are evidence of ghosts. What convinces you that orbs represent spirit energy?

Melba: I’m happy to address this issue and indeed it is one of the most controversial subjects facing the paranormal community today. I am convinced that orbs – spheres of electromagnetic energy (ghosts) are real because I have experienced them on many levels: spiritual, emotional and physical. Experience is always the best and surest way to define one’s reality and I can attest to the existence of orbs as ghosts by analyzing my own personal experiences with them.

I have personally seen them move, change colors upon request and take on form. I have also witnessed them respond to direct human communications. I have watched them as they displayed curiosity by checking out our video equipment and also by performing amazing antics for the camera. Rest assured that anywhere there are orbs there will be ghosts and other energy anomalies as well.

My personal experiences extend to my family and friends, and they too have witnessed orbs and their ability to show up when and where they choose. I have a very large living room area and we often entertain there, and have family gatherings and parties in that room because it is so large. What is interesting is that we always take many pictures at such events and usually there are no orbs. However, when children are present, such as at birthday parties, family holidays and when they stay overnight, there are always, without fail, a lot orbs are in our photographs. They show up in all sizes and colors, and many will project facial features and expressions.

Why? I believe that as ghosts they have taken an active interest in children and their activities. Perhaps their boundless energy attracts the ghosts, or maybe they are just lonely and seeking recognition, realizing of course that children accept them as they are. If a child is ill or disabled, I have noticed that orbs seem to cluster around them, as if sharing their energy with them in some unknown way. They also seem to stay close to pregnant women. Perhaps they are relatives who have passed over and have returned to communicate with the encapsulated soul.

Okay, by now you are probably thinking, “the kids were stirring up dust!” Not so! Actually, a crowded room of family and friends creates as much or more traffic flow and activity than the children whether they are playing quietly, opening presents or just napping.

As for orbs as dust, I would like to say this: Dust does cling to static electricity – and what are ghosts but electromagnetic energy in spherical form that is vibrating at a very high rate of speed. So, a ghost by any other name is still a ghost!

Q: Why do we ghost hunt? What do we hope to learn from it?

Melba: This question is very philosophical and the answer is just as profound. I believe that people ghost hunt or in other words investigate the paranormal, other dimensions and unseen realities, because religion as a whole doesn’t adequately answer their questions regarding death and dying, and least of all of the journey of the soul.

They are searching for answers about life and death. They know that we all have experiences that can’t be explained away by science or religion and that these experiences have purpose and meaning in our lives. Because of this they are forced to rely on their innate spirituality and intuition to find the answers they seek. They are in search of proof first for themselves and then secondly for the general public – that we co-exist with ghosts on daily basis, and in so doing they are actually re-defining death!

Q: There have been many attempts at communicating with ghosts, most popularly through EVP (electronic voice phenomena). But the messages we get through EVP are less than enlightening; they are usually mundane phrases. Why do you think we don’t get more meaningful information from these voices? And how might we attempt to get more meaningful information from them?

Melba: This is a very interesting aspect of ghost hunting. First of all, the reason we don’t get full sentences or meaningful communications is two-fold: First, what the investigator may be recording may actually be a transmission of residual energy: a playback or bleed-over from another place or time. It may be a voice or part of a conversation that was imprinted on the electromagnetic field and has been encased in a frequency that allows it to be heard over and over again.

Second, the voice may be from an actual ghost. However, once again, it takes a tremendous amount of energy to relay a voice transmission through waves of vibrational energy in order to reach our interconnected realm of existence. The transmission may have started out as a full sentence or even dialogue; however, by the time it sifts through and finds a compatible frequency it can become distorted and parts of the communication may be lost, allowing us to only hear bits and pieces of the original transmission.

This has to be very frustrating for the ghost! I truly empathize with them; to be able to see us, hear us, and not be able to communicate with us has to be very frustrating as well as confusing to them. And this is, of course, how ghost hunters actually feel at times.

Making contact with a ghost through whatever means is always a two-way endeavor. Taking into account energy vibrations, frequencies, personalities (both human and disembodied), and perseverance, a diligent investigator may just get lucky. Or not!

Melba Goodwyn has provided spiritual counseling for over 25 years, and uses her knowledge of astrology, numerology and divination to assist others and enhance their spirituality.

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