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Why don't ghost hunters help little girl spirit move on?


Question: Why don't ghost hunters help little girl spirit move on?
"I watch many paranormal shows," writes Jill, "and my question is this: Why don't the people on these shows try to release the spirits? I was just reading your article where the little girl's spirit on the Queen Mary was mentioned. Why aren't people trying to free spirits like her? I can't see why they would leave little children's spirits to wander like that, or the spirits of victims who were murdered. Don't these spirits deserve to move on to a happier place? I know if my spirit was here because of some sad or tragic event I would want help to move on."
Answer: Jill, the answer has to do with the type of haunting that is being investigated. In the case of the little girl haunting the Queen Mary, this is most likely a residual haunting -- that is, the type of haunting phenomenon that is a kind of recording on the environment that plays over and over. This is probably not a spirit, so there is nothing to "free" or help move on. This is likely true for a lot of the type of hauntings you are referring to: the results of murders, tragic deaths and other trauma. These are residual hauntings and not trapped spirits.

In the case of intelligent hauntings in which true spirits are involved, ghost investigators should try to help those spirits move on. This is usually done with the help of an experienced psychic medium.

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