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Can ghosts attack?


Question: Can ghosts attack?
"Have you ever heard of a ghost punching somebody?" asks a reader who wishes to remain anonymous. "That may have happened to me last night. I don't drink and I don't take drugs. This happened in my bedroom in the middle of the night. It wasn't a light tap, it was a powerful forearm strike, reminiscent of my days of studying martial arts. I truly don't understand it. If you know of others who have had this experience, it might help me comprehend what happened."
Answer: There are many cases in which people claim to have been physically assaulted by some unseen force, although in the great volume of ghost and haunting experiences, these instances are pretty rare. There are accounts of these forces pushing, pulling hair, slapping, poking, scratching and even biting. The true sources of these assaults and how they are physically manifested are unknown. Some possibilities are:
  • A ghost or spirit that is trying to get your attention.
  • Psychic phenomena -- a physical manifestation arising out of the subconscious, which many researchers believe accounts for poltergeist activity.
  • Those who believe in demons will blame them. (I don't.)

Which is responsible in your case? It's difficult to tell, especially since you haven't disclosed whether or not you have experienced other poltergeist or haunting activity in your home.

There is another possibility in your case, which has to do with your martial arts experience you mentioned. It's possible that as you lay asleep in bed that you experienced a strong muscle spasm (or some other explainable physical pain), and in your sleeping state you had the body memory of a forearm strike, which you knew from your martial arts days. Your unconscious mind put the pain and the memory together, and since there was no one there to actually deliver such a blow, it seemed as if a spirit was responsible.

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