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Is there any way to get in touch with the dead?


Question: Is there any way to get in touch with the dead?
Answer: Many different paranormal investigators will give you many different answers to that question. It's a question that has been asked and wondered about for millennia. The truth is: There is no reliable way to get in touch with the dead, if at all. Researchers have tried numerous methods, including Ouija boards, séances, table tipping, trance mediums, EVP, ghost boxes, and more. And although interesting responses have been received via all these methods that purport to be from "the other side", we don't know for certain what the source of those responses is. Even with such mediums as John Edward and James Van Praagh, who claim to be in touch with the dead and often appear to deliver startlingly pertinent messages, we cannot be certain that their claims are in fact real. There's just no way to know. Ironically, some of the best evidence we have for contact with the dead comes not when we try to get in touch with them, but when they get in touch with us. And it happens spontaneously: a loved one will appear to a close relative shortly after death to relay a message of comfort, for example. But even in the best cases, we cannot know empirically that these apparitions are what they seem. Hence, the ongoing mystery.

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