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Ghost EVP Analyzer app

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Ghost EVP Analyzer app

Ghost EVP Analyzer app

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The Bottom Line

The app can actually serve as a substitute for your voice recorder, or as a supplemental EVP recorder. Its analysis function allows you to listen to the playback at normal speed, half speed and even in reverse.


  • Nice graphical interface
  • Easy to use
  • Very good sound quality
  • Handy features, such as half-speed and reverse playback
  • Good explanation of app functions


  • Only a few basic analysis tools
  • No save function from the record or playback screens


  • Sound recorder for experimenting with EVP (electronic voice phenomena)
  • App for Android smartphones
  • Record, save and play back recordings for ghost hunts
  • Play back at normal speed, half speed and reverse
  • Price: About $1.60

Guide Review - Ghost EVP Analyzer app

This is a simple recording app for Android smartphones that records sound for review to see if you have picked up any electronic voice phenomena (EVP).

The app has three main screens:

  • Record -- There are three graphical displays here: a level needle meter, colored level meter, and a continuous bar graph, all showing levels of sound detected. A gain slider allows you to adjust sensitivity. Three buttons on the bottom include Reset, Stop and Record.
  • Analyze -- This is the screen where you play back the recording. There are two different graphical displays, a volume slider, and buttons on the bottom that allow you to play the recording forward, at half speed, and even backward.
  • Tools -- On this screen you can save your recording, open a file drawer to access previously saved recordings, an analyzer help screen that explains the apps functions, a brief explanation of EVP, and a preferences screen where you can choose such option as "run in background."

This app can serve as a nice substitute for your voice recorder. The recording quality on my Samsung Fascinate phone was very good, and the ability to easily save, retrieve, and listen to the recordings is quite handy.

Although it's called an EVP Analyzer, you can't really do a lot of analysis with the app, but it is nice to have those built-in features that let you listen at half speed and backward. By connecting your phone to your computer, you can download the sound files for further analysis.

I can definitely see myself using this app for spur-of-the-moment ghost hunts when I don't have my voice recorder with me.

User Reviews

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 5 out of 5
This really works, Member inspctrgrl34

My husband put this App on his phone the other day. I really thought it was just for entertainment... that it would never pick any ghostly voices up. I was skeptical to say the least. He and I went to the cemetery to put flowers on his Grandfathers grave for the upcoming Memorial Day holiday and I remembered that he had this app on his phone. So I said... try it out and see if you can pick any voices up here. What better place.. right? So he started the App and asked.. is there anyone here that wants to tell me what year you died or how you died? We paused for about 2 minutes, silent... and we could see the green indicator light moving slightly.. like it was picking something up. So we listened to it and to our shock & horror there was a man saying something, but it was too faint to understand. We came home and plugged the ear buds into the phone. So we could hear clearly. I then heard, very clearly, the man saying ""In The Navy"" I ALMOST FAINTED. So I'm here to say that this does really work and I am now a believer.. so scary!!

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