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Ghost Radar app

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Ghost Radar

Ghost Radar

Spud Pickles

The Bottom Line

This is a nicely designed app, but its usefulness is questionable. It's worth testing on a ghost hunt, but it might only be an entertaining diversion.


  • Nice graphic design
  • Easy to use
  • User choice of settings
  • Nice to have a log, by date, of all the words generated for later review
  • Inexpensive: 98 cents


  • Unknown if it really is detecting energies of any kind, or if displays are just random
  • Meaning of Advanced sensitivity sliders is vague


  • Ghost detection app for Android
  • Three different display screens
  • User-selected settings
  • Price: 98 cents

Guide Review - Ghost Radar app

The Ghost Radar app for Android is touted as a device that "analyzes nearby energies," and presumably that could mean ghosts as well. It also generates "random" words, which the app speaks (a free speech synthesizer plug-in is required).

The app has three main screens:

  • Vox - Displays a line graph that depicts the level of activity as well as the word that the device is generating.
  • Radar - A sweeping radar screen on which colored blips (presumably of energies) that the device is detecting.
  • Words - A list of the words that the device has generated, along with the date and time they were spoken.

Four sensitivity settings can be selected: Low, Medium, High, and Advanced. The Advanced setting lets you adjust sliders for scan frequency, duplicate detection threshold, display impedance, signal timeout, and signal capacitance. Unless you know what those settings mean (there's no explanation), you'll have to make adjustments on a trail-and-error basis.

This is an interesting app, but I don't know if it is actually detecting energies (ghosts or any other kind) or if it is just randomly displaying energy levels and blips that don't really mean anything.

The words generated appear to be random, but I suppose it could be argued that it works in a way similar to a ghost box. A ghost box scans radio bands and pulls out words here and there. Those who work with them theorize that the spirits are manipulating those words to relay their messages. Likewise, it could be theorized that spirits are manipulating the Ghost Radar's randomly generated words to convey a message.

When testing Ghost Radar for this review, the words generated included: unhappy, probably, clothes, Daniel, bit, student.

I suppose that string of words could be interpreted in any number of ways (I do happen to have a next-door neighbor named Daniel). I will be further testing this device in ghost hunting conditions to see what, if anything, happens, and if the words seem to be able to answer questions or produce anything that seems meaningful.

User Reviews

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 3 out of 5
First Try, Member lgbicks

After I downloaded this app, I asked whether there was anyone here. The words received were: daughter, William I was alone in my house and I found it interesting because my father's name was William, who passed away in 1967.

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