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Orbs by Chance – Or...?

Interesting photos that seems to show a link between orbs and the "other side."


NOT LONG AGO, I wrote an article on this website called Enough with the Orbs Already, in which I expressed my reservations about the relevance of orbs in photos. Some paranormal researchers believe they possibly represent spirit energy; others say they are merely dust or other airborne particles. Still other researchers contend that it depends on the circumstances: some orbs might signify a haunting, others might not. Readers weighed in with their own opinions on the controversy.

Putting the debate aside for a moment (or perhaps I'm fueling it), let's look at some photos that show orbs, but in very interesting contexts. Can we chalk them up to just amazing coincidences? Or is there something paranormal going on?

Take a look and decide for yourself....

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Orb and urnOrb and urnOrb and brother's passingOrb and brother's passingOrb haloOrb halo
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