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CNY Spirits at Madison County Cemetery

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CNY Spirits at Madison County Cemetery

CNY Spirits at a Madison County Cemetery

CNY Spirits

CNY Spirits at Madison County Cemetery

In this episode of CNY Spirits, Central New York Ghost Hunters and Paranormal Investigation venture into a haunted cemetery in Madison County, New York. But first they review some recordings they made at the Old Erie Canal Historic Site (see that episode) and discover some remarkable and rather disturbing EVP (electronic voice phenomena). Then group leader Stacey Jones heads out to the old cemetery alone (apart from the cameraman) to see what evidence she can document. She gets interesting responses using a ghost box and discusses theories about EVP.
I've been in this particular cemetery with the group in the past, and I can attest that they have obtained several spooky EVP there. In this segment, Stacey raises an interesting point that other ghost investigators have also pondered: Why should we get EVP or other types of ghost evidence in a cemetery? If the spirit of a dead person is earthbound, why should they hang out in a cemetery rather than some more pleasant place? We don't know the answer, yet EVP are very often recorded in cemeteries. The EVP Stacey gets here is chilling.

Click below to see parts 2 and 3 of this episode:

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