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The Woodland Opera House Ghost

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Woodland Opera House

Woodland Opera House

Strange Phenomenon

The Woodland Opera House Ghost

Episode One takes us to the Woodland Opera House in Woodland, California. It was originally built 1884, rebuilt in 1896 after a fire, closed in 1913, and renovated for modern use in 1989 for concerts, children's shows, dance recitals, and the like. And that's when the ghost stories began. Staff have experienced a cloud-like apparition, equipment tampering, and the smell of smoke, which is theorized could be from the spirit of William Porter, a firefighter who died trying to rescue the building. Other phenomena included a vanishing woman in the audience and a voice that says, "Go away!"
The Strange Phenomenon team begins their investigation by confirming the death of William Porter, then moves into the opera house with their equipment. They spend two nights there and come away with some possible photo anomalies and a few EVP, one of which might be, "We're dead." A psychic comes up with the name Madame Majeska, and research reveals that a touring actress by that name did perform there. On a return visit two years later, the team performs a series of experiments that they hope will coerce Majeska to respond. And the best evidence might be seen in the Green Room, where much activity has been reported.

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