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2005 Paranormal Photo Hoax Contest Winner!

See the winning photo and a slide show of all entries


Wasp Thing

2005 Contest Winner: Wasp Thing

~ Dwayne Smith
OUR SECOND ANNUAL Paranormal Photo Hoax Contest has come to a close and I'm happy to announce that we have a winner: Wasp Thing, created by Dwayne Smith of Kingwood, Texas.

Wasp Thing is a clever, very well-executed digital creation that at once is subtle, eerie and completely real. A job well done, Dwayne.

Dwayne says he was inspired by real-world experience. "I guess I've had to kill a lot of wasps lately," he says. "I was trying to think of something that at first glance looks normal but as you get closer it turns out to be just plain bizarre."

Here's how he created it: "I took pictures with a digital camera of a dead wasp, tweezers, a penny and a crumpled napkin (for the background). I then created the human form in Poser 3. I elongated and thinned out the arms and legs to make them bug-like. The textures for the human form were created in Microsoft Image Composer. Then I spent several hours combining the various images in Image Composer."

For his prize, Dwayne will receive the books "Monsters: An Investigator's Guide to Magical Beings" and "Touched By a Miracle."

Like last year, it was difficult choosing a winner because I received so many excellent entries, all of which you can see in the slide show. You'll see a variety of themes, including monsters, ghosts, UFOs and more. I also like the way some people made up fake stories to go with the photos. I'm sure you'll find your own favorite.

Thank you to all who sent in photos.

The contest has been such a success that I have made it an annual event. So practice your photo manipulation skills to be ready for next year's contest!

It should go without saying, of course, that you should never create phony photos, videos or audio files and try to pass them off as being real. In the research and study of the paranormal, we must obtain the best real evidence we can get, and so we must rely on the honesty of all researchers and contributors.

Now – on to the slide show!

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