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2006 Photo Hoax Contest Winner

And the winner is "Fairy Fossils"


Fairy Fossil

Fairy Fossil

~ Takeshi Yamada
ANOTHER VERY successful photo hoax contest has come to a close, and I'm happy to announce that we have a winner: "Fairy Fossils," created by Takeshi Yamada.

Takeshi contributed a number of terrific entries, and we've chosen "Fairy Fossils" as the most interesting and best executed of them all.

This was the best year yet for our annual contest, having received many excellent entries on a wide range of paranormal topics. There are fake ghosts, UFOs, monsters, fairies and other anomalies. Some of the images are beautiful, some are amusing, and many are downright creepy. But they all demonstrate the imagination and creativity of our readers.

You can view all of the contest entries in the 2006 slide show.

So thank you to all who contributed... and remember -- there's always next year.

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