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Orbs Debate: Readers Respond



Can't all be airborne particles

"I have been hunting ghosts for many years. At first I was excited about photos with orbs in them because I was told by my group leader that these where ghosts as seen by the camera. I have since come to realize that this is not the case. All kinds of airborne particles can cause an orb to show in photos. So I teach my band of merry ghost hunters that orbs are interesting but not good evidence. Although I agree that the photos taken on paranormal investigations that contain orbs are mostly explainable, I believe that the trained eye can pick out the ones that are trash and the one that is really worth taking some time to review. Science has proved that energy exists all around us and that it exists in the shape of orbs. Science has also proved that at death the human body emits a small amount of energy into the air around us. With these two proven facts, don't you believe that some of the orbs may be basic spirit manifestations? If you are going to eliminate the orbs because most of them are bogus, then you will need to eliminate the EVPs also. They have never been proved to be voices from beyond the grave." - Alan Lowe, Director of Investigations / Co Founder, SPIRIT Seekers

"Personally, I am so sick of hearing about orbs as being 'proof' of paranormal activity that it makes me sick, but this claim that it is always airborne particles is total hooey! Not every photograph of an orb has been explained away. In fact, if you follow the line of reasoning that seems to be shown in this article, there is never and will never be any proof of paranormal phenomena: Shadows are caused by alternate light sources interfering with the photograph, so all shadows are explained away as well. This article would even explain a full apparition as being caused by reflection or double exposure. How about before printing articles you do a little research into the subject? How can you claim that a glowing orb of light that is taken in total darkness is light reflecting from a dust particle? This is nothing but arrogant assumption." - Martin

"In the course of several investigations and much research, I came to the conclusion that orbs are baloney (or thought I did). While it is true that many orbs are caused by dust, pollen and reflections, I still can't rule out that some of them are unusual and have appeared in situations that correspond to other evidence. I have pictures of orbs actually following a particular person (several shots in a row) and have managed to catch an orb in motion on night vision camcorder. This also corresponded with some rather dire EVPs." - Carol "sick of orb mania" Porteous, Critical Thinker

"I too think it is just a little ridiculous to say all orbs are dust, rain, snow, etc. It is very easy to tell if flash has been used to take a picture and I've seen plenty of orb pics in which there was no sign of a flash going off. In fact most good ghost-hunters absolutely refuse to use flash." - Morris

"I totally agree that in photography orbs - as well as certain other phenomena - have probably nothing to do with any kind of paranormal activity, and mostly demonstrate the lack of basic technical knowledge of those interpreting the photos. However, I am yet to find a mundane explanation for the very real golden orbs I have seen in real life, with my own eyes, on more than one occasion. Believing (or not) in them does not affect the reality of their existence." - LeLouvre

"Some orbs are dust, some photographic faults etc. But, just like all paranormal phenomena, there are also some orbs that can't be explained away like this. I'm sorry, you skeptics, but you are closing your mind to an awesome experience. I have photographed an orb transforming to a spiritual personable shape. Some readers out there will know what I mean and understand fully. Perhaps some are just not ready to see or understand?" - Julie

Faces on orbs

"I've been interested in orbs for the last two years. One of my sons went back over his digital photos and discovered a photo with an amazing orb in it. The photo was taken of my other son sitting at our computer, and the orb is bright white and positioned above my son's head. Happy to have found an orb photo taken in my house, I was eager to play around with the photo in Photoshop. My intent was merely to darken the orb a little to see if there was a texture to this bright object. What I discovered actually terrified me at first. A distinctive face appeared in one area of the orb. My reaction when I saw it was to push my chair away from the computer. I know our brains are conditioned to recognize faces, but this little face in the orb is very haunting. I would invite anyone to analyze this photo and explain to me how this could be a mere coincidence of dust/pollen/moisture." - M. Stone

Moving orbs

"I have seen orbs on a video camera in the Miners' Theatre in Collinsville, IL moving in a purposeful manner and at speed." - Max

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