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2007 Photo Hoax Contest Slide Show

Phoney paranormal photos from readers


Welcome to the 2007 photo hoax contest slide show. As you'll see, there are many interesting entries this year, some more professionally done than others, but all entertaining in their own way.

This year's winner is Thomas Lee of Seattle, Washington with the photo "Headlamp Creature." The photo is well-executed and is accompanied by an interesting story.

Dr. Takeshi Yamada (last year's winner) again submitted several outstanding photos this year, but we wanted to give someone else a chance to win.

Thanks to all who submitted their bogus pictures – and congratulations to this year's winner!

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Headlamp CreatureHeadlamp CreatureHand of GodHand of GodMt. Rushmore, the Real WayMt. Rushmore, the Real WayMy Asian GirlfriendMy Asian Girlfriend
Stryn Valley in NorwayStryn Valley in NorwayWhen God Walked the EarthWhen God Walked the EarthHuman FossilHuman FossilAlien in a CemeteryAlien in a Cemetery
Cemetery Spirit EctoplasmCemetery Spirit EctoplasmPyramids on the MoonPyramids on the MoonCrazy BeachCrazy BeachHarper's Ferry GhostHarper's Ferry Ghost
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