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2008 Photo Hoax Contest Slide Show

Phoney paranormal photos from readers


Welcome to the 2008 Photo Hoax slide show, based on our annual contest. This year's winner is "Blobsquatch", created by Becky Morse. It was tough choosing a winner from among all of the outstanding entries, but I like Blobsquatch because -- finally -- it explains why many photos of crypto creatures appear to be out of focus. It's not the photographers' fault, it's the creature itself! Also, it might explain why such creatures are so hard to find: they so easily blend into the background, looking like a tree stump, rock outcropping, or some other natural formation.

Congratulations to Becky and thanks to all who participated in the contest.

Have fun browsing through the slide show.

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BlobsquatchBlobsquatchGiant SnailGiant SnailSmelly CreatureSmelly CreatureGrandpa's ShadowGrandpa's Shadow
Resting FairyResting FairyScreaming DemonScreaming DemonThe Attack CatThe Attack CatThe Conductor Who Stayed with the TrainThe Conductor Who Stayed with the Train
Ghost in Child's ChairGhost in Child's ChairCircuit Board SpectreCircuit Board SpectreMachu Pichu UFOMachu Pichu UFOReading Room GhoulReading Room Ghoul
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