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2010 Photo Hoax Contest Slideshow


Welcome to the 2010 Paranormal Photo Hoax slide show. We have another great collection of phony photos from readers. This year's winner is Erick Garcia Salas, who created "Guatemala Stargate." I like the way Erick took an old photo and perfectly and subtlely added the stargate ring on the beach. He also created a very good story to accompany it. Nicely done, Erick. I'd also like to give special recognition to Takeshi Yamada -- a past winner -- who every year contributes photos of his extraordinary, weird creations. Thanks to all who contributed to this year's contest.
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  1. Guatemala StargateGuatemala Stargate
  2. Transport Depot GhostTransport Depot Ghost
  3. Forest GhostForest Ghost
  4. Living CorpseLiving Corpse
  5. UFO and DragonUFO and Dragon
  6. Angel ApparitionAngel Apparition
  7. Space CreatureSpace Creature
  8. Couch GhostCouch Ghost
  9. Alien GuideAlien Guide
  10. Poltergeist CatPoltergeist Cat
  11. Sea MonsterSea Monster
  12. Child GhostChild Ghost
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